Sight-Singing & Rhythmics

How does music become music in the head from dots on music paper? Without a piano or any other aids?
The art of sheet singing seems to some to be an unsolved riddle – but with a few exercises and tricks you can learn it very easily. We’ll show you these in this workshop – and after that the only thing is: Practice makes perfect – you can do it! 🙂

Direction: Karin Wagner
Duration per unit: 90 minutes

Module 1: Leaf singing melodies
Module 2: Leaf Singing Rhythmics
Module 3: Blattsingen Advanced

The modules can be booked individually or as a course.
Unit price: € 45,- incl. 20% VAT.
Course price: € 120,- incl. 20% VAT.
Minimum number of participants: 10 persons



Modul 1 – Sight-singing Melodies

Music in your head – learning to read, present and sing melodies without instrumental help for all singers* and those interested in singing – with many practical tips and exercises for at home and on the move.
Required previous knowledge: Notation & note names incl. accidentals (see Music Theory Workshop)

Location: Musikgymnasium Wien or piano gallery

Modul 2 – Sight-singing Rhythmics

The groove in your head – read and introduce rhythms Learn to “translate” tempi & rhythms independently from the score text – from basics to more complex rhythms with many practical tips and exercises for at home and on the go. Let’s groove!
Required previous knowledge: Note values & usual time signatures (see Workshop Music Theory)

Location: Musikgymnasium Wien or piano gallery

Modul 3 – Sight-Singing Advanced

On the way to mastery of sheet singing – reading melodies and rhythms in parallel and turning them into music in your head. Sounds like magic – it isn’t! Systematic practice brings you easily to your goal in leaf reading. We’ll show you how to get there – with lots of practical tips and exercises for at home!
Required previous knowledge: Module 1 + Module 2 (or advanced knowledge in these areas)

Location: Musikgymnasium Wien or piano-gallery

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