Sight Reading: Melodies and Rhythms

How do dots on paper become music in the head? Without the aid of a piano or anything else? The art of sight reading seems to some to be an unsolved riddle. However, it can easily be learned with a few exercises and tricks.

We will split the workshop into two topics: melodies and rhythms. We will learn how to read both, as well as how to picture them in our minds. It goes without saying that everything will be done practically and with a great portion of fun in the group! That way, music theory becomes much easier to learn, motivating singers to use their acquired knowledge at home or in rehearsals. After all, practice makes perfect. You can do it! ­čÖé

The only condition: Knowing note names (using the treble clef) and note values (quarter, eighth note, etc.)

Direction: Karin Wagner



V.O.I.C.E ÔÇô Academy