Songwriting & Arrangement Course

How do you write a song? Where do you start – with the melody, the lyrics, the harmonies? How does a small idea become a whole song, which is harmonious from the intro to the end? These questions – and probably even more – have you always asked yourself? Then this workshop is just right for you!

Here you get an insight into the world of songwriting and learn song structures, ways of finding and shaping melodies, basics of chord building and harmony changes, and much more. No matter if solo singing with band or a cappella choir – everything is possible!

If you have already written your own song, you can get individual feedback here on how to improve it with simple tips and if you have never written one before: This could be your first one! 😉

Prerequisite: Basics key & chord theory (e.g. our music theory workshop)

Management: Rene Kraga

This workshop will be offered again in the winter semester 2020.

– 1st unit: € 45,– incl. 20% VAT. (to sniff around)
– Course price: € 190,- incl. 20% VAT. (1st unit incl.)

Minimum number of participants 10 persons

Location: Music high school or piano gallery


V.O.I.C.E – Academy