Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir

Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir

This choir is for singers who want to make music at the highest stage. Our goal is to perform high-quality arrangements and songs with beatboxing/vocal percussion and to become established nationally and internationally. Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir performs at various vocal festivals and is eager to regularly work with other well-respected choirs in this genre. In this way, the singers of this choir have the chance to travel together, to advance musically, to connect with other choirs and artists and to have fun and create a community which respects each other. This choir is a choir out of the ordinary!

It is our vision to regularly produce our own songs and to constantly expand our musical spectrum with new facets. This includes working with artists and bands of different styles as well as writing our own songs and arrangements. In short: Choir “out of the box”!

During our concerts and rehearsals, we take care to comply with all corona-related safety measures.

We have the following activities planned in the summer semester 2021:

  • Professional recording project and music video in April
  • Workshops integrated into rehearsals, such as vocal training, rhythm training, … (also doable virtually)
  • V.O.I.C.E summer concert on the 11th June 2021 in the Anker Saal – Should the concert not take place due to the corona virus, a different project (e.g. a flash mob or a recording project/music video) will be carried out.
  • The repertoire includes an extensive list of different (a-cappella) pop and jazz songs. Some of the new songs we will sing this semester are “Chili con carne” (Real Group), “Miracles” (Coldplay), as well as “Sing!” (Pentatonix version).

Auditions / Dates

The applications for the summer semester 2021 are now closed. You can apply again in the winter semester 2021/22.

Before attending a rehearsal, please read our rehearsal rules and corona FAQs first.

Important Information

Conductor: Mag. Karin Wagner

Rehearsals: Wednesday, 7 pm

Location: Musikgymnasium Wien, Neustiftgasse 95-99, 1070 Vienna

Free spots March 2021: 1x Sopranos 1, 1x Altos, 2x Tenors; 2x (Low) Bass

What we offer you:

  • Versatile Pop & Jazz-Repertoire – self-made songs & arrangements, high-quality a-Cappella covers,…
  • Focus on a-Cappella performances + vocal percussion
  • Constitutive work with a consistent group – limited choirspots!
  • Production of music videos
  • Professional sound and video recording
  • Concerts with professional staging, sound- and light engineering
  • Cooperations with national and international well-respected artists and bands
  • Concert trips to other countries
  • Performances and visits of national and international festivals
  • Reduced prices for our Workshops
  • Community & platform for vocal Pop& Jazz in every possible way

Prerequisites for attending:

  • Experience as a singer – it does not matter whether you’ve been in a choir, an ensemble, a band or have sung solo
  • Willingness to study the songs yourself at home (with an online learning file)
  • Motivation to advance as a singer and to participate in different workshops (Improvisation, Vocal percussion, Rhythm & Groove,…)
  • Commitment to attend more than 80 percent of rehearsals
  • Team spirit & sense of community
  • Willingness to attend at 1-2 concert trips of several days‘ duration per year
  • To put 2-3 hours of time into studying at home (learning notes, listening to recordings, trying out different sounds and timbre, doing exercises, …)

Membership fee for "Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir"

129,- per Semester (Students: € 99)

Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir

Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir

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