Coaching for vocal ensembles and choir

  • Playful and pedagogically effective exercises about rhythm & groove, sounds &
  • timbres, expression & interpretation and many more!
  • Depending on your request with either new or already learned songs based on the motto “dig deeper”.😉
  • Get to know effective ways to enhance your rehearsals!
  • Strengthen the bond of your group and team spirit!
  • Improve the self-confident of all your singers!

Duration: at customer’s option – about 2 hours

Inquiry and prices:

Impro-Workshop for ensembles and choir

In this workshop, the focus lies on various introductory exercises based on “just start singing without notes”. You will practice harmonic sequences, will learn to sing melodies with different timbres and expressions, will learn to respond to musical inputs instantly and will get to know your voice better. Step-by-step exercises will help to get to know new things and to develop your sound, voice, and personality. Based on the method of vocal painting (short VOPA) you will also learn to improvise within a group – with lots of fun and team spirit!

The impro-workshop can be used optimally as a “special” at weekend getaways with your choir or ensemble or just if you feel you need some feedback on your progress.😉

Duration: at customer’s option – about 1.5 to 2 hours

Inquiry and prices: