What’s this about?

With our great new concept, we are also opening our V.O.I.C.E POP CHOIR for singers not coming from Vienna and its outskirts. Join us, no matter where you may live 😉!

When and how will the rehearsals be held?

Mondays, 19:00 – 20:45 – 1st rehearsal on the 5th March

We will rehearse via Zoom as long as physical rehearsals are not possible. Our conductor has yearlong experience with online rehearsal techniques and also knows the state of the art regarding diversified and innovative rehearsal concept in the virtual space! You will not only get to sing a lot and have fun, but also grow in your musical prowess! As soon as physical rehearsals are possible again, they will be streamed live for you via Zoom and all virtual participants will be attended to personally.

Choir Community

Even if you are not physically present, you will very quickly be accepted into our lovely community and get to know many new people! The online hangouts after the rehearsals are always lively, we also have multiple interest-oriented groups (Ukulele-Gang, Yoga group, Karaoke evenings,…). The V.O.I.C.E family is famous for its good atmosphere and mutual support!


In April, we are planning a recording project, including a music video. Individual music tracks will be recorded at home, then produced professionally. You will learn how to record yourself at home and receive a great final product! In June, a physical concert is planned (assuming this will be possible) and you are invited to make a trip to Vienna and sing with us there. In addition, there will be an alternative project for all, who cannot go to Vienna for the concert. If the concert is cancelled due to corona, this project will be held for the entire choir.


To make our rehearsals more creative and interesting, we developed a new concept, which integrates a small workshop (about 30-40 min) with input regarding one of the following topics: vocal training, rhythm, home recording, music theory, …. That way, we can develop as singers and musicians and learn new things.

Registration & Price

A semester with us costs  € 99 for students and € 129 otherwise and lasts from March until Mid-June. You can register at https://www.voice-choir.at/en/registration-en/ –> choosing „V.O.I.C.E Pop Choir – Virtual“ as the choir. Should you have questions, feel free to contact us at info@voice-choir.at.

We’re looking forward to singing with you – See you in March 😊!

Your V.O.I.C.E – Team