Anyone who starts counting at this point will realise that V.O.I.C.E. was here before coronavirus, but
the majority of our existence has been shaped by the pandemic. In light of this, we’re all the more
proud not only to have “survived” as a choir, but to have experienced so much together.
For example, we’ve created 12 recording projects and composed 3 original songs, which even made
it to the radio! We’ve also used every possible time slot for concerts, team events, workshops, choir
weekends, vocal festivals and much more.
Here are a few key facts: we sang together around 3 campfires at a total of 4 choir weekends. You
can find us on 5 social media channels with an incredible 1000 posts on Instagram on Facebook. We
have sung in around 30 different languages, have about 115 songs in our repertoire, and have
boundless energy. In the last 3 years, countless wonderful friendships and fantastic moments have
been created. “Sticking together despite the distance” is probably our unspoken motto 🙂