What are these V.O.I.C.E folks actually all about?

This Wednesday, everyone asking themselves this question has gotten a one-of-a-kind look behind the scenes. The Open Doors Evening, organized by the V.O.I.C.E family, provided the opportunity for everyone interested to find out more about the Academy and even sing in one of the choirs.

The evening consisted of following events:

Passionate singers, as well as those who want to become that some day, were able to produce a number of amazing harmonies together with Lidia, the conductor of the Pop International Choir. In the process, they experienced the amazing friendly atmosphere of the choir, with members coming from over ten different countries.

Before that, everybody got the chance to try out the workshops. The participants of Tim Slizzer’s Beatboxing workshop came to the exciting conclusion that they can, with the help of his advice, become professional beatboxers themselves.

How about something more groovy? Karin’s introduction to Sing-and-Groove was heard loud and clear, even in the hallways.

René Kraga, active as a vocal coach in the Academy, provided some much needed voice tuning.

And finally, Lidia enabled the participants of her improvisation workshop to add their personal touch to a cool and spontaneous choir version of the feel-good classic “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.

Here are some photos and impressions of the event:

Text: Maria Huber