A very important aspect of our rehearsals is the musical education of our singers. For that reason, we made good use of our virtual rehearsal format to carry out a number of workshops. The details of our rehearsal process can be found on our registration page. Here is a short summary of our workshops:


Doubt was rampant among our singers: rhythm exercises through Zoom, is that even possible? Yes it is, thanks to Karin, the artistic director of V.O.I.C.E! We snap, clap, stomp and move our way through quarter, half and whole notes. Whoever does not match the beat online at least has a good excuse ­čśë

Vocal Training

With us, no single vocal sound is safe! We activated muscles we did not even know we had! Who would’ve thought that vocal training is comparable to a fitness programme? Nevertheless, at the end of the “ordeal”, thanks to Markos, we were able to reach tones we could’ve previously only dreamed of!


XLR ports, audio interfaces and DAWs. Thanks to Jonathan, we became true recording pros. V.O.I.C.E not only stands for cool grooves, but also for quality. To achieve the latter, specialist knowledge is necessary. Hence, our living rooms became recording studios.

Music Theory

Music theory could also be called the musical maths course. What do chords consist of? What are triads? Which tones play and harmonise especially well with each other? Do major and minor scales conflict? Karin has an explanation for all that and more. By the way, it can be useful if one can count to 8!