On the 8th of December, the choirs of V.O.I.C.E brought a groovy, festive and diverse atmosphere into the Viennese Lorelysaal, as part of the first of two WINTER WONDER POP concerts.

The songs covered a wide range of genres, from African World Music sounds to jazzy tones as well as Pentatonix arrangements of well-known Christmas songs. Among the performers were all four V.O.I.C.E choirs (led by Karin Wagner and Lidia Campanale) as well as the beatboxers Tim “Slizzer” and Christian Rupp. With 200 singers on stage altogether, the audience was treated to an evening spent with a great amount of Christmas flair at a high musical level, proving the connecting power of music and that when working together, a group of people can create wonders.

On that note, we extend our thanks to all participants and wish a merry Christmas to our dear listeners! See you next time 🙂