This year’s Christmas concert was very special in many ways – if only because at last, for once, there was no lockdown to thwart our plans 🙂
After three years, we were finally able to perform again to a full house in the Lorely-Saal, with a great atmosphere and an audience of almost 600 people.

It was a very special performance for our V.O.I.C.E Legends, who celebrated their successful debut with their choirmaster Michael Haustein. They performed a selection of groovy hits, including Michael Jackson’s world-famous Earth Song.

Our Girls Group had been eagerly awaiting this evening for a long time too, as it was their first performance under the direction of Ursi Wögerer. The girls rocked the stage, especially with their lively choreography in Santa Baby.

Our Pop Choir also went the extra mile with their choreography and really gave it their all in Rise by Katy Perry. The song Run to you by Pentatonix was performed without choreography, but was musically just as impressive.

Our V.O.I.C.E Pop International Choir lived up to its name and performed a song in Norwegian this time (Vuelie – Song of the Earth, made famous by the Disney film Frozen). They also sang a traditional Hawaiian Christmas song, Mele Kalikimaka, and finished by getting the audience into the party mood with African Noel and groovy percussion.

Our Pop Plus Choir was particularly magical, as our singers managed to bring Frosty the Snowman to life and have him dance through the audience.

As is so often the case, an absolute highlight was the Vienna Pop and Jazz Choir, who created a very special atmosphere and gave us goosebumps with their polyphonic a-cappella performance.

We couldn’t have done without our “in-house“ beatboxers, Florian Milanovich and Chris Rupp, who gave us the grooviest beats for the evening.

Although it had been a concert of superlatives up to this point, the biggest gift for the entire V.O.I.C.E family was still to come – especially for our endlessly energetic choir founder Karin Wagner – in the form of the world premiere of her own composition Your Christmas, which had been eagerly awaited for two years. It was an event that even Radio Wien didn’t want to miss and promptly turned up to watch!

The cherry on the cake was when, midway through our upbeat encore Merry Christmas Everyone, it really did start to snow 😉