During the second Corona-pandemic lockdown V.O.I.C.E produced the new song „Your Christmas“. Written by founder Karin Wagner the song brings Christmas vibes to everyone even – or especially – in these stressful and difficult times. It reminds you to think about what really matters for you and to take your time to make Christmas as special and beautiful as you would like it to be.

„Lean back, take it slow,
pause for a moment and let everything go.
Take your time, so you can see
what you want your Christmas to be.“

36 V.O.I.C.E singers and various musicians recorded „Your Christmas“ individually during the complete lockdown and brought this new song full of energy, joy and Christmas vibes to life.

Let it be an artistic statement even in these difficult times for musicians and artists!

YouTube Link:

Sound: Studio ROOM66 & Adam El-Hamalawi

Vocals: V.O.I.C.E – Vienna Pop & Jazz Choir Experience

Instrumentalists: Danny Walter, David Siedl, Karin Wagner, Jonathan Pietsch, Adam El-Hamalawi

Video: Pannonia Pictures