To make sure that our rehearsals can happen as safe as possible regarding the Coronavirus, we initiated several rules! 🤗

  • Singers must always wear masks inside the building except when sitting down.
  • At least two meters of safety distance from another during singing, chatting, and sitting. We also sing in a checkerboard pattern.
  • All singers must use hand disinfectant when entering the rehearsal room. All important surfaces are being disinfected by us.
  • Regular ventilation or continually opened windows to refreshen the air inside the rehearsal room.
  • The rehearsal room is fitted to the group size. For big groups, rehearsals will be held in the school’s gym.
  • All singers are advised to stay at home if symptoms appear.

The safety and well-being of all our V.O.I.C.Eies are of utmost importance for us! We are sure, that these safety precautions provide a safe environment for rehearsals! 🎶

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