For the first time in two years, we were finally able to sing a summer concert at a time when you’d
expect one: at the end of June instead of the middle of October 🙂
The concert was opened by our International Choir, accompanied on the ukulele, with the upbeat
song “Summer Dreaming”.
It was particularly special to hear a wonderful concert from our brand new choir, the Girls Group,
who have only existed since March and made their debut with two songs from “Pitch Perfect”. Their
performance was a great success and there were even calls for an encore!
In the second half the concert, our audience was fired up by the Pop Choir’s rendition of “Dynamite”
and the Vienna Pop & Jazz’s Choir’s performance of “Bella Ciao”. By now, everyone in the concert
hall was in summer holiday mode.
We closed the concert with the well-known hit “Waka Waka”, with all our 150 singers standing on
the stage. Just before this, though, there was time for an energetic beatboxing performance by “our”
beatboxer, Tim.
The encore was all the more serene in comparison: “Zulu Prayer”, an atmospheric and evocative
African peace song, during which some of the singers moved directly into the auditorium and sung to
our beloved audience from close up.