Cameras, lights, technicians, microphones and boxes full of cables. The buildup process and the busy sputtering of people is in itself already a unique experience. After what felt like hours, the choir was asked to get into position. Each person had to stand in their marked position, the music started playing.

We were supposed to sing and imagine a fictional audience. That was not that easy at all. We had to move, but not too much. Not even Karin at our concerts gives us this many instructions.

There were also other shooting locations. On an open road and in a private kitchen. There, one could see a furious father giving his son a slap, trying to keep him from playing the drums. A spectacular scene, which was not at all easy to film!

At the end of each shoot day, all the equipment was packed up again. Incredible amounts of technology disappear in countless boxes and bags. The magic is over, what remains is the feeling of having experienced something special.

By the way, nobody was hurt during the shoot, nobody died either. Also, the father is actually a totally nice man 🙂